My name is Andy,
I'm 26.
And I am a big food enthusiast.

I've been cooking eversince i was 12 years old, mixing and matching tastes.

Generally I see cooking as a chemistry of tastes (which it is in my opinion!) it's part hobby, part job. I'm currently a Sushi chef at a restaurant.

My hobby-cooking is mostly where the magic happens, right now I'm focusing on food that uses little meat, a lot of egg-whites and no sugar at all.

The food I'm focusing on consists mostly out of fruit/vegetables/eggs/chicken/beef.

And spices! spices are the best, I own a TON of them, and they're awesome.

the reason for this is because I am trying to make a diet revolving around working out or just feeling good about the intake of healthy and fresh supplements that we can fit in a daily routine.

It is so extremely important to eat well and healthy and i really want to contribute to people's lives with these dishes.

But I guess the real reason lies with something that happened a few years ago, I think a lot of people have this problem where they take the easy way out, grab little to no nutrient foods and sometimes grabbing a product that says "Hey stupid I'm healthy drink/eat me!" when in reality, it adds little to nothing nutrient-wise.

So yeah! I'm going to post dishes that are healthy, fill you up, and are very nutrient "Training Food"/"Feel Good Food"

Also I'd like to note I will only be using Tablespoon, Teaspoon and the visible amount of the items as reference to the amount that goes into a dish, I'm not a fan of using weight of something, I think people can perfectly well judge how much they want of something in their dish, having said that I will add how much I used in mine to have my own yummy result.

Of course the people that want to keep to my standard follow my steps accordingly (which is mostly for the "Training food").

Enjoy! ~\o/~